Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Another excellent edition of Knowledge @ W.P.Carey! Better than the HBS, Emory and Wharton ones for the same period..

The major story being the Sino U.S. New Market Economy Forum - The recent announcement that CNOOC Limited, the dominant producer of crude oil and natural gas offshore China, is seeking to acquire U.S.-based Unocal Corp. was the latest bold move to focus attention on the burgeoning Chinese economy. Last month, a group of scholars and business leaders gathered for the Sino U.S. New Market Economy Forum - Beijing, sponsored by Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management and the W. P. Carey School of Business to discuss the market mechanisms necessary for the global integration of the Chinese economy. W. P. Carey Professor and Nobel Laureate Edward C. Prescott set the stage with an exposition of his ideas on the nature of the barriers to creating wealth.
The following topics were covered..
'Free Trade is Key to China's Economic Potential' by Edward C. Prescott, 2004 Nobel Prize winning economist.
'China's Potential Hinges on Smart, Sustainable Growth'
'Chinese Firms Launch Effort to Become Global Players'
'A Little Chaos Can Be Good for Labor Markets'
'China Steps Up Pace in Reform of Capital Markets'

Other interesting reads from the July 6-Aug 1 issue include..
'Troubled Automaker Faces Fight for Its Life' - Yes, the GM story - a supply-chain analysis of health-care costs, production technologies and supplier relationships in GM North America.
'Corporate Culture as a Roadmap to Success' - An article on the breakthrough research conducted to definitively examine the process by which corporate culture affects financial performance. Also check an interesting discussion on corporate culture at about Philip Purcell's departure from Morgan Stanley.


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