Saturday, July 02, 2005

Exit Tax - Emigration Tax for Non-Residents

Financial Express:
'Migrating after IIT? Pay up, says WB'

IMF Staff Papers:
Are Immigrant Remittance Flows a Source of Capital for Development? by Ralph Chami, Connel Fullenkamp and Samir Jahjah

'Outward bound' by Mihir Desai

Times of India:
'Remote Control Tax’ – Editorial Page (Mihir Desai and Jug Suraiya)
‘A Taxing Idea at the Right Time? by Jairam Ramesh

Foreign Affairs:
‘Borders Beyond Control’ by Jagdish Bhagwati

Research Paper:
'The Silicon Valley - Hsinchu Connection: Technical Communities and Industrial Upgrading' by Annalee Saxenian

Thesis Draft:
'Economic Impact of Return Migration of Highly Skilled I.T. Professionals from the United States of India' by Shinu Singh

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