Sunday, June 19, 2005

Privatisation of Public Services - I

'Private and Public Interests in Water and Energy' by David Hall and Emanuele Lobina (both associated with PSIRU @ Univ of Greenwich) is based on empirical evidence from developed, transition and developing countries. It looks at how privatisation of water supply/sanitation and energy sectors may conflict with public interests in socio-economic, environmental and political dimensions. Presenting case studies from across these countries, the authors see a permanent possibility of conflict between the private and public interests as these privatised services are too vital both socially and economically, and hence too risky to rely on corporate self-regulation in a scenario where these countries lack effective capacity to regulate these corporations. The authors conclude that policy development in these countries should focus on building strong public sector institutions to provide these services rather than depending on corporate activity that is too risky.

Other research reports (in the areas of privatisation, public services and globalisation) from the PSIRU can be obtained here.

The Democracy Center has a compilation of the award-winning articles by Jim Schultz written from inside Bolivia during the country's now famous WATER REVOLT.


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