Friday, June 03, 2005

The International Economy

The International Economy is a quarterly magazine of international financial policy, economic trends and international trade. The articles are edited and read by people from a wide variety of professions (government, business, academia) across the globe, although I would prefer a few other experts in the Masthead list. Even though most articles are not accessible for free online, a few of them from the present and recent past issues are available.

Some of my favorite reads include..
'Is Continued Globalization of the World Economy Inevitable?' - A symposium of views from thirteen experts. Among my all-time favorite articles!
'India Rocks!'
'Fixing Wall Street'
'In Defense of Globalization'
'Japan’s Dying Market Economy'
'Think Tanks: Who's Hot'
'End of the World Scenario'
'The Great Friedman-Huntington Debate'
'How China is Eating Mexico's Lunch'
'Courting International Business'
'The Euro Three: Who'll Come out on Top?'
'Iraq's Currency Solution'
'Why Sanctions (Almost) Never Work'
'The Case for Globalization'
'Are the Emerging Markets Finally Decoupling from the United States?'
'The New US-European Detente'
'The Mexican Comeback'


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