Tuesday, May 10, 2005

2005 Doors to Diplomacy Award

The US Dept of State announced its Doors to Diplomacy Award for 2005. [All the world is one http://www.effortsunited.com] and [Vaccinations for Nations - www.ndadoors.org] take away the award this year and each member of the participating teams is extended an invitation to Washington D.C. The first site was developed by a team of students from Ryan International School in Haryana, India while the second one by students from a school in Toledo, Ohio.

Note: What started as schools to serve the children of foreigners (diplomats, businesmen, etc) working in India, International Schools in India are more in number mainly attributed to the IT boom but still considered expensive ($4,437-$11,700 for tuition,etc + around $5,000 for boarding facilities) compared to an average Indian school education that would cost a fraction. These schools offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum offered by different boards (American, British, Canadian, etc) and usually have a good representation from different countries across the world, children of Non-Resident Indians and children of local parents who can afford the high fees. The high fees translates to superior facilities/infrastructure (some having golf courses of their own), and do not necessarily represent the average Indian school education academically or otherwise.


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