Thursday, May 05, 2005

Arvind Panagariya

Arvind Panagriya is the Jagdish Bhagwati Professor of Indian Political Economy and Professor of Economics at Columbia University. He has been the Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank in the past.

Some of his papers that I found interesting include..

'Agricultural Liberalization and the Developing Countries: Debunking the Fallacies' - A public policy paper that debunks six major fallacies that arise due to agricultural liberalization. The author says that such fallacies were initially based on allegations by World Bank leadership and anti-globalization NGOs who hold the view that developed-country subsidies and protection hurt the poorest countries, agricultural liberalization was mostly a developed-country problem, and that they act as the principal barrier to the development of poorer countries.
Even though am not familiar with the technicalities of the paper and some of the theory discussed, I found the paper interesting in other ways. The author rejects the views of the anti-globalization (agriculture) movement by systematically breaking down the problem and then supporting his theory with necessary evidence (factual, logical, etc.) and then making concluding remarks by saying how such anti-globalization movement can affect the poorer countries and result in lost oppurtunity later. From what looked like more of a defensive ended up aggresive!!

'Why the Recent Samuelson Article is NOT about Offshore Outsourcing' - A clarification (sort of refute) of Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Sameulson's paper. The author clearly differentiates the right from the wrong with all due respect to Samuelson and some of the results in his paper. Ultimately, the author concludes the paper is NOT about offshore outsourcing as it might lead the reader of Samuelson's paper to think.


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