Tuesday, April 26, 2005

this n that..

"..given a choice between an animal and a human life, what would be your pick?".
this: declared "ANIMAL". cannot empathize with human suffering as much as with animals. underlying reason - because animals don't have a choice, humans create the troubles for them. people suffer because their fellow humans do it to them. subsequent argument - root for the underdog (animal) because the overdog (human) sets the rules and hence, its never an equal fight. even if it is one man making a mistake by inflicting pain on an animal, humans outta take collective responsibility. and hence, so.
that: humans have been distinct since the time they moved out of the forest and started thinking. might be good or bad but humans are individually distinct. so are animals. isn't it a benefit of doubt for the animals just bcos humans can think and have a sixth sense while animals cant. and thinking otherwise, faulted only bcos of the fact that human race is the overdog (and that status after fighting with the chimps and competing with the lion in the forest for millions of years and evolving 'smarter'!!). also the very basis of 'this' is classification as humans and animals. 'that' wonders!!


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