Sunday, November 14, 2004

mathematics all around ?

was wondering why scientists model every little thing in the world using mathematical equations and associate a natural phenomenon to existing theories in mathematics!!

is there a branch in theoretical science which describes the universe, the brain and all things around in a non-mathematical form?
..browsed around to see if such a theory exists and if so, is it being studied?

i came across an interview with Stephen Wolfram(bio) in the 'new scientist' (interview)..a total eye-opener!

just followed up a little more to see what other scientists have to say about wolfram's theory..came across an article(link) by Ray Kurzweil (bio)..basically a review of Wolfram's book 'A New Kind Of Science'.

i think i got atleast a partial answer to the question i started with and a couple of books in my wish cart -
Marvin Minsky's 'The Society of Mind' (review)
Stephen Wolfram's 'A New Kind Of Science' (review)


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