Wednesday, November 03, 2004

why still me ?

ok.looks like bush is gonna win the election today.but guess wat the funny part is..

the states that support bush are mostly the farmlands of america and also the least inhabited ones(like texas, louisiana, new mexico, alabama, etc.). the ones that support the challenger kerry are comparitively denser and more economically contributing states(california, new york, new jersey, massachusetts, illinois). these states have most of the big cities in america, home to some of the biggest business establishments and also have a lot of tall buildings (if they are still considered targets!). so they are a natural target for terrorists who plan to attack inside america(if they go by their wise and sound consideration of economic symbol, population/sq mile, tall blgs, etc).

the people who didn't want the war supported kerry but he loses the election! so the people who voted for 'no-war' are still the targets for any attack. maybe, thats why they are asking "WHY STILL ME?". somebody explain this to Osama!

some people pay a price for other's choices.. and more often than not, you are at the receiving end!


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