Thursday, October 28, 2004

human mind: better if tamed or wild ?

human society is a complicated one with loads of issues,emotions and problems. the individual that makes this complicated system is more complex than the system itself. he has an unwritten set of rules that he has to follow from the day he is born. he is told what is right and what is wrong and is surrounded by a set of individuals who live by the 'rulebook', just to fit into this society. the ones who realize (at a later stage) that they dont want to live by the rulebook do the opposite of what the majority does. no distinction here between the majority and the minority. the whole process of survival, we are missing something. the individual really doesn't explore the world with his true senses, emotions and instincts with which he is born. he explores the world with a programmed brain - which clearly sees the distinction between good and bad, right and wrong, good smell and bad smell, and every other thing as a logical decision making process. he never has a chance to see things his way! he is TAMED.

on the other hand, the same individual growing up in the wild would do things intuitively because he was not instructed to do something in a certain fashion. he maybe called WILD but lives a simpler life with all his senses realized.

signing off a day of realization with a strong desire to explore the wilder side..


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