Thursday, May 05, 2005

C.K. Prahalad

CKP is a Professor of Business Administration at the University of Michigan's Ross Business School. He specializes in corporate strategy and the role and value addition of top management in large diversified, multinational corporations. He, along with Gary Hamel, coined the term ' CORE COMPETENCE'. One of the first management gurus whose work I read..and, helped inspire me in a lot of ways!!

Some of his oft-quoted work..

'The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid', 2004
#1 Biz Book of 2004 at, Fast Company, The Economist
The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid advocates that the world’s most exciting, fastest-growing market is where you would least expect it: at the bottom of the pyramid. Collectively, the world’s billions of poor people have immense entrepreneurial capabilities and buying power. Companies have a genuine opportunity to commit their energy and resources to help the disadvantaged of the world, and Prahalad shows how it is being done – profitably.

'The Future of Competition', 2004 (with Venkat Ramaswamy)
#Voted as one of the best business books of the year by BusinessWeek and Strategy+Business

'The New Frontier of Experience Innovation', 2003 -
#SMR-PWC award for the best paper

'The End of Corporate Imperialism', 1998 (with Kenneth Lieberthal)
#Harvard Business Review's McKinsey Prize for best paper

'Weak Signals vs. Strong Paradigms', 1995
# 1997 ANBAR Electronic Citation of Excellence

'Competing for the Future', 1994 (with Gary Hamel)
#Best Selling Business Book of the Year in 1994
#Printed in fourteen languages

'The Role of Core Competencies in the Corporation', 1993
#1994 Maurice Holland Award as the Best Paper published in Research Technology Management

'The Core Competence of the Corporation', 1990 (with Gary Hamel)
#Harvard Business Review's McKinsey Prize for best paper
#Most Reprinted essay on the HBR

'Strategic Intent', 1989 (with Gary Hamel)
#Harvard Business Review's McKinsey Prize for best paper

'The Dominant Logic: A New Linkage between Diversity and Performance', 1986 (with Richard Bettis)
#Best Article published in the Strategic Management Journal for the period 1980-88.


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