Sunday, November 14, 2004

mathematics all around ?

was wondering why scientists model every little thing in the world using mathematical equations and associate a natural phenomenon to existing theories in mathematics!!

is there a branch in theoretical science which describes the universe, the brain and all things around in a non-mathematical form?
..browsed around to see if such a theory exists and if so, is it being studied?

i came across an interview with Stephen Wolfram(bio) in the 'new scientist' (interview)..a total eye-opener!

just followed up a little more to see what other scientists have to say about wolfram's theory..came across an article(link) by Ray Kurzweil (bio)..basically a review of Wolfram's book 'A New Kind Of Science'.

i think i got atleast a partial answer to the question i started with and a couple of books in my wish cart -
Marvin Minsky's 'The Society of Mind' (review)
Stephen Wolfram's 'A New Kind Of Science' (review)

Friday, November 12, 2004

love for the game or money ?

"...What, wasn't there some of the other kids, what'd we give 'em? What? Cars? Tractors? Gave a kid a TRACTOR? Another kid we gave a HOUSE. Didn't we give him a house? You know, BAGS OF CASH, I don't know what we gave these kids...You know, they asked for things, we gave it to 'em. I mean, you guys asked me to win, and I gave that to you! Right? And the Alumni are all jerking off over this win, which is the only time the Alumni ever jerk off, right? It's when we win. 'Cause this ain't about education! It ain't much about winning, and it sure as hell ain't much about basketball! It's about MONEY! JUST GODDAMNED MONEY! That's what it's about...

..someplace, someplace in America right now, there's some 10 year old kid. He's out there on that playground, and he's playin', he's dribbling between his legs, he's goin' left, he's goin' right, he's already above the rim, he's stuffin' it home. You know what's gonna happen to this kid? Five minutes from now, he's gonna be surrounded by agents, corporate sponsors and coaches. Y'know, people like me. Just drooling over this kid because he holds our future employment in his hands. I mean, that's what we've made this game. That's what we've done. Y'know, the best coaching job I ever did, that wasn't tonight. It was last season. Y'know, when we were 14 and 50 and we had a losing season. But goddamnit, those kids, they gave me their HEARTS! They gave me everything they had! They played up to the MAXIMUM of their ability! They gave it EVERYTHING!.."

from the book 'The Best Players Money Can Buy' by Ron Shelton (inspired the movie 'Blue Chips')

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

what if time pauses for a brief period ?

the concept of time is well-defined.discrete to say.
..helps us to organize our lives by being the reference point of all our activities.

interesting to think bout living with no concept of time for a brief period of time. i do sense chaos all around for sure but very less for the human individual!

maybe the 'world' will collapse in utter chaos but the human individual would evolve out of it like he adapted the first time the concept of time was introduced!maybe..or maybe not..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

why still me ?

ok.looks like bush is gonna win the election today.but guess wat the funny part is..

the states that support bush are mostly the farmlands of america and also the least inhabited ones(like texas, louisiana, new mexico, alabama, etc.). the ones that support the challenger kerry are comparitively denser and more economically contributing states(california, new york, new jersey, massachusetts, illinois). these states have most of the big cities in america, home to some of the biggest business establishments and also have a lot of tall buildings (if they are still considered targets!). so they are a natural target for terrorists who plan to attack inside america(if they go by their wise and sound consideration of economic symbol, population/sq mile, tall blgs, etc).

the people who didn't want the war supported kerry but he loses the election! so the people who voted for 'no-war' are still the targets for any attack. maybe, thats why they are asking "WHY STILL ME?". somebody explain this to Osama!

some people pay a price for other's choices.. and more often than not, you are at the receiving end!

Monday, November 01, 2004

why do people disagree ?

when two people disagree, each one thinks he/she is right. however, only one of them is right and the other one is wrong. there is a possibility that both of them could be wrong but such a possibility is 'invalid' in their minds, because they wouldn't argue seriously in the first place if they thought both of them are wrong! if they still do, then that is disagreeing to agree to disagree which is very much an agreement.

hence the disagreement continues..even long after the arguement is over. so, respect an arguement and you would atleast end up agreeing disagreement at the end of it! or pick the least common (but yet) solution - dont argue.

i think the human species has not fully evolved to agree to agree..and if such a scenario occurs, what next? do we still remain humans or call ourselves another name to feel superior compared to 'humans', like we feel about other animals now as 'humans'!