Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Private sector jobs - religion and caste based discrimination

The story that led to the analysis

I think we need reservation based on caste in India. Until the time when my maid's son and my neighbor's son would goto the same school, have access to the same information and have the same lifestyle without being intimidated, I would support reservation. I know reservation could be a two-edged sword (in some cases) and not the only thing that will make education/jobs equitable, but it definitely is the best way to get there. And if done efficiently with strong underlying research, it can change things around. I think it is being done for the most part with strong fundamental research, with a bit of politicization that is unavoidable.

Just consider the number of people who have access to quality education from 40 years ago, look at the schools which are diverse (still low considering economic backgrounds), diversity in jobs, etc and you would get a fair idea how we have 'progressed'.

I recommend this article and go on to support the casue of reservation in the private sector too.
The author is Chairman of the University Grants Commission.

And about employers who choose people from a higher caste, you have to look at people up there who make those decisions in the private sector. They are part of the high caste mob who are as mindless as the rogue politician. Just that they wear a suit!! This study provides statistical merit to such an argument. At the end of the day, the responsibility of the government is make growth 'inclusive' given we still have gross bias, without our houses and our larger society. Let me reiterate the point that given the same opportunities under similar circumstances, caste or religion dont play a big part. However, that level platform has not been reached yet!!

I am from the so-called 'higher caste' but fortunately studied in a school in a small town with people from diverse backgrounds, and not in a school that picks only the brightest kids and spits out the brightest 10 years later!!


At 2/27/2008 05:33:00 PM, Blogger Sreekumar said...

I agree with your view that reservation should continue based on moral arguments. However these days perhaps morality and social equality have become the dirty words like profit used to be in the socialist economy.
Guess reservation can also be justified from profit motive argument, though the present research seems to be negating that.


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